Leigh Hall


I'm an exhibiting artist, and make my living as a graphic designer, technical illustrator, and print and multimedia production artist.

My interests include cartography, decorative arts and natural history. I'm fascinated with the details and patterns found in both urban and rural environments, and try to bring that awareness to my work. Attention to detail and interest in repetition also serve me well in my professional life, where I aim for accuracy and consistency in meeting client specifications and enjoy solving technical as well as design problems.

At times my work calls upon multiple skills and interests. "Steel Life on Chelsea Creek," for example, is both a work of public art and a design and technical project. The six fence panels depict various habitats in and around the Condor Street Urban Wild in East Boston. I worked with people in the local community and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the Boston Public Arts Commission and local fabricators in order to translate my ideas into steel.

I moved to Winthrop, Massachusetts in 2015, after living in Boston for over thirty years. I'm still active in both the environmental and arts communities in East Boston. I'm a member of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, The New England Aquarium, and the Atlantic Works Gallery.

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Design Resume (pdf)